Top Online Tools for Remote Workers

Working from home has been the most significant daily routine, and it is the byproduct of the Covid-19 pandemic. Going to an office building or somewhere other than, your home for your work was the norm. We were accustomed to working in the presence of other coworkers in a team. Working from home has made us more appreciative of the technical breakthroughs happening around the world. Now, remote work has become very common around the world and people have started doing it more often. 

Remote work is becoming a norm and companies, as well as freelancers, rely on it heavily. As everyone is now connected in this global village and with just one touch can have easy access to files from a coworker and any type of information can be sent to and from between them. 

All you require are a few things to make that possible which include either a computer, laptop, or smartphone and an internet connection. A dependable connection is quite important since we are no longer employing the dedicated connections offered in offices so we need something that can deliver seamless workability. You can find out a dependable internet connection in your area and sign up for the Best Internet Providers by visiting ‘’. Once you sign up for a fast internet connection, you can work online without facing any speed lag hassle. 

If you are working remotely from your home and want to have the same facilities you had when you were in your office with your team then you need to get some online tools to help you with your team projects. These tools will make it easier for remote workers to collaborate with their teammates. Here are some of the best collaboration tools out there for those who want to work in a team with other people remotely.

Google Drive

Google Drive is an awesome file-sharing tool that lets you upload files on its cloud server and you can choose who you want to share those files with. Working from home it becomes very difficult for coworkers to have access to information regarding a project and they may need to ask each other to send them the files. Google Drive helps automate this process as the members of the team can give each other access to files of the project and everyone that has access to the files can read or edit the files. The changes to the files are in real-time and everyone on the team will have access to the updated file as soon as it is edited. You can grant different usage rights such as reading, commenting, or editing to each member of the team.


Zoom has been one of the most popular videos conferencing platforms for holding meetings for companies and conducting classes for educational institutes. The popularity of this tool lies in it being free if you want to use it for basic purposes and very simple to use. You can create weblinks of the conference or meeting session, send them to the members of that session, and just by clicking on the link, they can join it. This App is available on both IOS and android so that any mobile users can have access to it wherever they are. Some of the key features of the application are instant messaging to both an individual and a team, managing the participants with the help of the Attendee management system, and an Email invitation system that lets you send out links to the conference to a list of emails easily.


If your project prioritizes being punctual over everything else then this tool is the way to go. You can track the time it takes to complete different tasks and plan out the project accordingly. It is a simple-to-use software that helps you complete tasks on time whether you are on the go or on your desktop as it is available on both desktop computers as well as smartphones. All the time entries are synced so you will not lose track of your progress.

If you want to use a basic version and try it out then there is a free version available and you can get extra features with the paid version that starts from 9 USD per month.

Employing one of this this collaboration software for the well-being of your business will indeed prove to be quite beneficial, not just for the a few individuals, but for the betterment of any business activity.

Wrapping it up,

In this post, we have discussed some of the best tools for remote workers so that they can work and collaborate seamlessly provided you have the best internet connection.  With these tools that are mentioned above, you can work from home with proper systems, just like a physical environment. So, for a better working environment that promotes healthy collaboration and communication, you can use online tools and stay focused on your work without losing your focus.

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