How esim can change your life

The market of new technologies steps forward faster and faster, every day we use not only smartphones, but also tablets, laptops, smartwatches and other gadgets. The manufacturers of these devices are introducing more and more new features to their devices every year. Many such features may be confusing at first, but they can still change your life for the better, helping you to solve routine tasks faster, thus freeing up time for more important things. Today we are going to talk about such a technology it’s esim. First, we will understand what esim is and how it works.

What is esim? 

It is a virtual SIM card that is an alternative to a physical SIM card. Esim looks like a microchip embedded in a device, in other words, it is a subscriber identification module embedded in a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. A virtual SIM card gives you the ability to record multiple phone numbers on the eSIM chip. For each of these numbers, you can independently choose the tariff and terms of use of the sim card. In general, esim+ is a very convenient technology that will not leave you behind.

Benefits of esim: 

  1. Easy connection

To start using a virtual card, you just need to activate it in a specialized application. There you can also select the tariff and other terms of use. You can decide a SIM card not only for your country, but also for use in another country, and at a very favorable price. Activation of esim takes only a few minutes, in addition, you do not even have to leave home to the office of the mobile operator, because the connection is made exclusively through the device.

  1. All numbers are on one sim card

Virtual sim card can store up to 5 numbers at the same time, use cards of different operators and connect sim cards for different countries. You can have a personal, work and roaming number. You can switch between these numbers very quickly in the mobile app. 

  1. Convenient to use while travelling

Most likely, you would need to buy a physical sim card from a local operator or roaming, which more often than not is not always cheap. But with a virtual SIM card, you can set up a destination country number before you travel and simply switch to a virtual number when you arrive in another country. 

  1. eSIM is impossible to lose and difficult to damage

The eSIM is embedded in the device and cannot be removed, so it is impossible to lose. Over time, any physical SIM card will become scuffed and may need to be replaced. This can add extra hassle for the user. In case of a virtual SIM card, it cannot be damaged as it does not come out of the device.  

  1. Cost

Compared to the cost of roaming services and the price of local SIM cards when travelling, virtual SIM cards will cost you several times cheaper, while maintaining the same usage options. 

  1. Security

A physical SIM card can be easily stolen by fraudsters and used in phishing schemes.  If you store your contacts on the physical SIM card, it can lead to data leakage. The eSIM, on the other hand, protects all your data. 

7. Eco-friendliness

This is a hot topic nowadays, which is also one of the advantages of virtual sim cards. The fact is that virtual sim cards are in the device itself and after using the number, you do not throw away the sim cards. In the case of physical sim cards, it takes a lot of resources to recycle them after use, due to the fact that the microchip on them is an alloy of metals, each of which requires different processing. 

Based on the presence of numerous advantages, a virtual SIM card does look like a tempting option, especially for those who travel frequently or have several phone numbers that are used equally often. But we also need to mention the cons of virtual sim cards as well. There are few of them: 

  • The virtual sim card is not yet available for installation on all devices. Before connecting the card, we advise you to make sure whether your device supports this feature.
  • When planning to connect an eSIM, you will need to free up your cloud storage in advance and have free space to store the virtual SIM card information.

To summarize, a virtual SIM card is an incredibly useful technology that helps people solve routine tasks while traveling abroad, or when many devices are available for communication. The advantages of virtual cards are many, and they are undeniably superior to physical sim cards. In any case, you need to pay attention to the disadvantages of esim, because when you connect it may turn out that your smartphone does not yet support this technology, also take care in advance about free space on your phone to store data card.

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