Appvalley and the New Multi-Platform Store

AppValley, The iOS operating system has always been a closed system with very few applications available for download from the official store and frequently down on third-party stores and unauthorized apps. This has made the system very safe and secure, but with a limited number of users. There have been many tries to break this monopoly apple had created on its ecosystem by strictly monitoring what applications are there in the official store and closing down on any which will break their control over the system.

Appvalley and the New Multi-Platform Store

 Many of the stores that have been launched for iOS devices have been forced to withdraw support and service from the platforms, those who resisted have been placed with hefty fines which had made them bankrupt. It was easy to closes these third party stores as they lacked support from other developers.

Is AppValley safe app, and won’t it hack my iPhone?

In this age of monopoly by apple on what software are installed on their platform. There is one store which had fought against this monopoly and had managed to mobilize the entire developers. For their side that apple had to withdraw from imposing a hefty fine on the store as the developers had issued a statement stating that they will remove their applications from the official stores, these developers included the major developers like adobe and other major developers.

This is AppValley which managed to break the apple monopoly on the iOS ecosystem. This app has all the latest apps and is also a hotspot for ringtones and wallpapers. AppValley also has support for regular updates and help improve the security of the app to prevent any data breaches. AppValley also has a list of third-party apps which are modified by others to add unique features to the existing applications. The acceptance for this app in the iOS universe had also had the great urge from the android community to launch the application for android users too. Since June of 2019, AppValley is available for both Android and iOS users to download.

Downloading the application

The AppValley store can be downloaded by visiting their official store and downloading it for the desired platform. There are separate links for the installers with text instructions explaining each step involved while installing the application.

Link : Download AppValley Official

If you want to download AppValley apk for Android you visit here

Some features of AppValley

This software supports a lot of major features, and in this, some are unique to this application.

  • Multiple platform support

This app is available for both the major mobile platforms and hence have broad developer basis, and their apps are included. This is helpful for the iOS users, and this means that they can get apps which are not there in the original AppStore and get those apps.

  • Safe and secure

This app is very much safe and secure, and the safety features are challenging to the official stores, they also store no data online. And the only thing stored on clouds are the installation files for the app which are downloadable as per as the user’s needs. 

The app has built-in antivirus to check for viruses and only installs the app if the installation file downloaded doesn’t have the virus, other vises delete it from the system and cloud.

  • No root or jailbreak needed

There is no need to remove the warranty of the phone to get this app to work; this will work on the fresh phone without any modifications required to the software and firmware of the devices

  • Exclusive apps

The app has many unique apps which are only available on this app for download. Some of these apps can stream movies and music for free without any advertisement or the need for subscriptions. There are also some exclusive emulators in this store, which allows the user to see the performance of different operating systems on different devices by using the emulators.

  • Modified apps

The opening up the store for third-party developers have allowed the users to get some modified applications which are the originals applications with some unique features added or unlocked to make it entertaining. Some of the examples of modified apps include game hacks and free subscriptions, which usually costs hefty money. There are modified applications for many of the high profile games which will make your free time entertaining and interesting.

  • Easy to install and remove

Even though it is similar to an official store, and this app is made to be easy to install and remove from any platforms. Once you have the installer downloaded in your system, it is easy to install the app. It is as easy as installing a regular app in your android or iOS devices. Also, if you decide to remove the sore only, you can do it, and keep the apps downloaded through the app on your device. Uninstalling AppValley is as simple as removing an ordinary application from your device.

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