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Windows Server 2019 is the tenth version of the Windows Server operating system by Microsoft, as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems, which is developed concurrently with Windows 10 version 1809. Windows Server 2022 succeeded Windows Server 2019, announced on 03-20-2021 and being officially released to the public on 08-02-2021.

To download Windows Windows Server 2022 from Microsoft you visit here

After you install, you have Windows Server 2022 Evaluation (180 days). Windows Server 2022 Evaluation can’t change product key. So you read this article to know how to upgrade Windows Server 2022 Evaluation to full

After you upgrade Windows Windows Server 2022 Evaluation to full, you need Windows Server 2022 product key to activate it.

I also sell Windows Server 2022 Standard product key for $80/key (lifetime) here:

I also sell Windows Server 2022 Datacenter product key for $150/key (lifetime) here:

Windows Server 2022 Product Key Free 2022


Then you copy and paste this key

If these keys don’t work, you can use new mothed to activate Windows Server 2022 for free in 2022:

How to activate Windows Server 2022 without product key for free 2022 (180 days)

You can read these articles to know:

Step 1: You go to the taskbar and type cmd => then you right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator

cmd Windows 10

Step 2: You type the command “slmgr.vbs /ipk yourlicensekey” to install a Windows Server 2022 license key

You get yourlicensekey here

  • Windows Server 2022 Datacenter key: WX4NM-KYWYW-QJJR4-XV3QB-6VM33
  • Windows Server 2022 Standard key: VDYBN-27WPP-V4HQT-9VMD4-VMK7H

For example, my Windows Server 2022 is Windows Server 2022 Standard. So I type:
slmgr.vbs /ipk VDYBN-27WPP-V4HQT-9VMD4-VMK7H

(*Note*: You need to hit [Enter] key to execute commands.)

Step 4: You use the command “slmgr.vbs /skms” to connect to my KMS server.


Step 5: The last step is to activate your Windows you use the command “slmgr.vbs /ato”.


You check the activation status again.


With this method, you can activate both Windows Server 2022 32-bit and 64-bit within 180 days.

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