Tips to Prepare for the Microsoft Azure AZ-900 Exam

AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification helps demonstrate knowledge, passion, and expertise to current or future employers. The AZ-900 certification exam is basic for candidates who can only partially understand Azure or cloud computing. Given that this certification is from Microsoft, you can expect it to be difficult. 

You have 60 minutes to complete the 40 to 70 questions in the exam. Know the important tips to prepare for this test.

Microsoft Azure AZ-900 Exam Preparation

  • First Of All, Get Ready

Microsoft Azure AZ-900 is one of the finest Microsoft online courses. So you shouldn’t take this test lightly. The complexity of the exam depends on the level of examination and demand. For example, the examiner can set the difficulty of the question paper based on the rise or fall of demand. For various sources, you can get updates. Generally, a Microsoft course is all about learning. There exist hundreds of sources. But you should try to get reputable ones. 

Getting ready means finding the source. Also, note that some parts of Microsoft artificial intelligence are included in the questions.

  • Choose An Online Course

The next step to preparing is to select a good az-900 training that will help you with the test. You can choose the online course from Microsoft’s official website or other sources. 

It should be noted that other sources can also be as influential as Microsoft. Questions can be easy on the Microsoft website. But this is not the case with other sources. Other sources might have difficult questions. You have to look for diversity included in the course.

A Microsoft-certified professional should ultimately know the best course for them at the lowest price.

  • Get Through The Topics

The test questions will assist you in determining the kind and range of complexity of the problems, and the test series will acquaint you with the structure and setting of an exam. Before sitting for the official test, review the guide. Many questions are on cloud computing. 

Candidates who desire to advance their careers in the Microsoft Azure industry are the primary target audience for the fundamentals regarding the certification. By passing the certification, they may demonstrate a solid understanding of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals and practical expertise.

  • Access The Sources

If you are looking for Microsoft certifications, look for several sources. As it is indicated earlier, there are hundreds of sources. If you want to access sources, approach training institutes that offer Microsoft courses. 

Some might be expensive, while some are affordable. You have to adjust your selection of the coaching institute based on the cost and quality of the material. 

And after that, analyze the online coaching institute and the reputational level. If you have been offered money after purchasing the course, look for the money-back offer. Some platforms provide such offers.

  • AZ-900 Is A Foundational-Level Training

AZ-900 certification is a basic need, so anticipate its difficulty. The candidate has 60 minutes to complete the 40–70 problems in the exam. These questions come in several different ways. To answer MCQs and other questions, drag and drop the correct response.

The AZ-900 test score is on a 1,000-point scale, much like all other Microsoft examinations. To get the badge, you need to receive a score of at least 700. This Microsoft certification training is at the foundational level. You don’t need to become an expert in cloud computing for this.

What Does The AZ900 Test Involve?

The actual test is divided into four modules: cloud ideas, Azure’s core solutions, pricing, as well as lifecycles for Azure in terms of cloud security, transparency, accountability, and trustworthiness. About two-thirds of the test comprises the first three sections, with Core solutions for Azure likely making up most of your test. 

You need to allocate a certain amount of time to studying for the exam, depending on your prior knowledge and study skills.

When feasible, experts advise learning in chunks, so individuals who can commit to many sessions can catch up on the content more quickly than those who dabble from and to learning resources.


AZ-900 is one of the Microsoft certification courses. From here, you have seen the tips to prepare for the Microsoft AZ900 exam in detail. By going to the Microsoft portal and enrolling for a seat, you will reserve a spot on the AZ-900 test. A time and location for the exam, as well as the delivery method, may then be scheduled from there. Lastly, you will be required to confirm the completion of the exam cost before you may proceed. Exam fees are around INR 6,071, including VAT.

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