Seven Useful Tips for Windows Can Help Write Your Thesis

Writing a thesis is a difficult task that demands adequate time, knowledge, and resources to complete. It is also essential to write an excellent thesis to get the best of education and develop a deep understanding of the subject. 

Many students and thesis writers face a mental block or simply procrastinate looking at the pile of tasks at their hand. To save the day, technology has made thesis writing a tad more comfortable, and students these days use windows operated laptops for thesis writing.

Set aside time to write 

A writer’s block is a real problem that you will face as you begin writing your thesis. Whether you prefer working in morning hours or late in the night, set aside a particular time to write as this helps channel your thoughts and prepares you to pick up from your left. As you may be using your window system, you can even set a reminder on your device that will prompt you the timings and help you get set to work. 

Make a clear plan 

It is incredibly crucial to make an execution plan for writing the thesis. You can start with creating an excel sheet on your windows system to make a quick plan of action. Set aside days for research, writing, execution, and remember to put a timeline next to each section. A plan of action will also help you keep a check on your progress, and at best, not allow you to procrastinate the writing till the end of your deadline. 

A unique way to get thesis writing help

Do not hesitate in taking expert guidance as that only helps you deliver high-quality work. If you are looking for a thesis help service online on Windows OS, browse Edubirdie thesis assistance for online thesis writing in college. Students in college must understand that in order to complete education with desired grades, it is crucial to seek help and guidance from experts and especially in cases of thesis writing, as they demand a tremendous amount of effort, research, and writing.

Look for inspiration 

The internet is at your disposal, and using your Windows system, and you can look for resources and inspiration online. Set aside a fair duration of time to research the topics that you have chosen. Windows 10 for students is a perfectly functioning system as it operates at great speed and helps you complete research and writing with no hindrance. 

Chances are, you will find a huge amount of information and data online and not every bit of it will help or will be relevant to you. Research enables you to develop a deeper understanding of the subject and further enables you to differentiate between the essential and irrelevant data.

No procrastination 

You made a plan for a purpose: to meet your deadlines and have a good thesis ready before time. Stick to your plan; making a few changes to it as you tread along is okay. What is not okay is the fact that you procrastinate. 

Thesis writing is demanding and is different from usual assignments that you manage to pull off in one night. Your thesis shapes your learning, and the college professors grade you heavily on one thesis. So, if your goal is to pass through university with good grades, pay attention to your thesis and avoid procrastination along the way. 

Edit and revise 

The last and perhaps the most crucial step includes proofreading and editing your thesis. After you have completed the long thesis on your windows system, take a break for a day. The next day, wake up with a fresh mind and take a look at your thesis. Take it section by section and edit it, ensuring that you avoid any grammatical or language errors as you prepare for submission. 

Get it proofread once more 

After you have completed and edited your thesis, getting someone else to read through it is a good habit. Look for a partner or guide who can take a final look at your work, and suggest edits or changes. The editors can be your friends, teachers, or even your guides that helped you write a thesis online. 


Remember that patience and hard work are essential for writing good quality and impressive thesis. If you are writing a thesis for the first time, consider a longer duration and know that starting early will benefit you. As you begin to write, clear all inhibitions and steer away from self-doubt. It is okay and rather helpful to seek guidance. Your thesis is a testament to your hard work, so make the most of the time and enjoy the process.

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Brandon Kryeger works for a software development com[pany as the head writer and editor and has been instrumental in meeting the overall content needs and marketing campaigns of various teams. On the side, he is also into academic writing on a freelancing basis. His free time is for reading travel blogs, swimming and reading mythological fiction.

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