What is Tamodo? And How to earn money with it?

What is Tamodo?

Tamodo was built with the goal of becoming a leading affiliate marketing network in the world. Tamodo is the channel to promote the best products and services for reputable and quality suppliers. With Affilitate, Tamodo is built with a very simple system, enabling anyone to work and earn money with Tamodo. In addition, the referral bonus policy up to 7 levels helps affiliates can create a large and stable income.

For advertisers, Tamodo is an extremely effective customer growth platform, allowing you to reach millions of customers in just a few simple steps.

For manufacturers, Tamodo is a system that helps you get a stable, best source of income for your access sources. In addition, if you do not know anything about online marketing, no web … you can still earn income from Tamodo with extremely simple jobs like: like and share articles, introduce new publishers. for Tamodo …

Why choose Tamodo?

  • Affiliate Commission up to 90%  (This means that there are some products worth $ 1000 when people buy through your Link, you will receive immediately and immediately 900 $)
  • Easy to make money with people  (This will share VietAff.com below)
  • Cookie length of up to 360 days   (great is not it, because when someone clicks on the link to introduce your campaign, they will be saved but they do not care and ignore but after a while. less than 360 days if this person comes back to buy you still get affiliate marketing money)
  • Referral bonus up to 7 Floors  (we’ll find out below)

Why choose Tamodo

How do we make money with Tamodo?

OK, I will go straight to the main issue to keep the memes from waiting for the fuss about this deal, how we will make money.

First, Tamodo currently has a referral program and for every Ref registered under the mem, the mem will receive $ 0.25 and min withdrawals are $10 via Paypal or Bitcoin.

Next, like all other e-commerce sites, Tamodo has an “affiliate marketing campaign” and is not only the few and unique categories like Amazon or Alibaba but is extremely diverse, to say All For One always because memes can find almost all products at Tamodo from goods, education, travel, credit loans, … extremely much.

The first method is easy for you to do it. So you only invite your friend and earn money.

Note: Tamado Aff has ended.

Step 1: You sign up for a free Tamodo account by click here https://www.tamodo.com/

Step 2: You write your email and name, then you click SIGNUP

Tamodo Signup

Step 3: You open your email and click “Click this link to set password

set password Tamodo


Step 4: You write your password which you want

Step 5: You login your Tamodo account and get your link aff

Tamodo Aff Link

Step 6: You send your aff link to your friend and tell them signup to Tamodo ( Step 1 =>  Step 4)

When you have $10 you can request payout via Paypal or Bitcoin

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