How to use a VPN app to mask locations and bypass blocked platforms

Security has been the number one concern in today’s digital world. With so many massive industries trying to gather and sell your data, keeping yourself safe on the digital platforms while also being able to access everything has become crucial. And that is exactly where VPN comes into play.

A VPN or a virtual private network that allows you to block the tracking of your IP address and encrypt all forms of data traffic. As a result, all your privacy is protected. But with so many VPN options there on the market it is tough to figure out the best one for you.

So, if you are looking for a VPN app that can mask locations and bypass blocked platforms in your region then iTop VPN is the one for you. Let us take a dive into the software and see what they have to offer.

Features of iTop VPN 

The first priority of any VPN app user is a fast and reliable connection and the ability to bypass any blocked platform to browse through any website. And iTop VPN does all that and so much more for the user.

Zero Log Policy

Most VPN app out there usually records your data for their own benefits. That means when you log into the VPN, they take the key from the ISP and stores the data on their database. They can later sell your data and put your privacy at risk.

But the great news is, iTop VPN has a zero-log policy. That means they never collect your data and you can browse through any website of your liking without having to worry about any privacy issues at hand.

Zero BW limit and impressive speed

One of the greatest things about the iTop VPN app is that it allows you to use its product without any restriction to the bandwidth. That means you will be offered faster speed and a seamless connection.

As there is no fair policy at play with the iTop VPN, you do not have to worry about your data usage.

Massive world coverage 

Maybe there are some websites or platforms that are blocked in your region. Maybe you are having trouble logging into a website with your ISP connection. You can say goodbye to all these with the introduction of iTop VPN to the party.

of VPN has a massive number of servers all around the world. You can connect that her high-speed servers to all the popular locations like Singapore, Japan, the USA, Russia, Cana, Netherlands and so much more.

For instance, you are from another country and want to see a TV show that is only available on Netflix US, you can simply connect to the United States server. This will let you access the blocked platforms in your region without any hassle whatsoever.

The ability to connect 5 devices 

Do you want multiple devices like a smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet? Then paying the VPN licenses for all of them can get very frustrating. This is where iTop VPN stands out from the rest of the VPN services.

With iTop VPN, you are allowed to connect 5 devices at the same time with the same license. All you have to do is connect your account to all of your devices and you are good to go.

Final thought

Masking locations and bypassing locked platforms are slowly becoming very necessary in today’s digital space. With iTop VPN, you get to do all that in addition to keeping your data safe.

So if you are looking to access blocked websites, streams, or buy products, or plane tickets from another region for a better deal, iTop VPN is here to the rescue.

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