Best Plagiarism Checker to Use on Windows PC in 2021

The plagiarism checker tools are used to detects the copyright content by matching it with different online resources.

Copyright detector tools are used to help bloggers, webmasters, content writers, students, and teachers to create quality content.

If you’re a blogger and facing any copyright content issues in blogs or articles, use any online plagiarism checker tool to make content effective.

Importance of Plagiarism Checker

Copyright checker plays a great role in creating unique and effective content.

The plagiarism checker is important for the following factors:

SEO “Search Engine Optimization”

Publishing quality content on a website matters a lot in making a strong SEO strategy.

Today, every SEO expert wants to publish high-quality content on their websites.

But, if the content that you’re going to published on a website is plagiarized, your website will not rank in SERPs.

To make content plagiarism-free and impressive, use online plagiarism checker tools to make content unique and effective.

Academic Importance

The students and researchers have to make unique and creative informational assignments and research papers.

Any copyright activity can destroy the life of a student or a researcher.

So, before submitting assignments and papers, first, use online plagiarism detector tools to check the copied content.

A single plagiarized content can cause serious consequences on a student’s life.

Always use any copyright detector tool to avoid plagiarism.

Why we use Plagiarism Checker?

 The online plagiarism detector can be used by:

Students: Most of the students use copyright detector tools to make their assignments plagiarism-free.

Teachers: Almost every teacher can use the online plagiarize checker tools to submit their work copyright free.

Content Writers and Bloggers: Most bloggers and content writers publish content daily.

To check the originality of the blogs or articles, content writers can use online tools to check plagiarism.

Researchers: The researchers can use online copyright detector tools to make content effective and unique.

In this article, we’re going to describe the five best plagiarism tools that can be used to create unique, impressive, and copyright-free content.

5 Best Online Plagiarism Checkers

1. Prepostseo

It provides one of the best online tools “Plagiarism Checker”, used to check the copied content from the document.

It is an AI-based latest online tool that scans content and detects plagiarism by matching it with several online resources.

The best thing is that it also checks the offline databases to detect duplicate content in all possible ways.

To use it, simply paste the data into the input box to checks the copyright content:

Best Plagiarism Checker to Use on Windows


You’ve the option to upload files directly from the computer system.

If you want to exclude a URL, then simply click on the Exclude URL button and paste the URL:


Key Features:

Some main key features of this online checker are:

  • Upload Files to Detect Plagiarism: You can directly upload files from the system to check copied content.

This will help to avoid copy and paste the document.

You can upload a document of several file types like pdf, doc, and Docx.

  • Chrome Extension: It provides a quick accessible Google Chrome Extension to help bloggers, webmasters, and SEO experts.
  • Generate Reports: This free plagiarism checker generates the final report and you can download it into the system.
  • Highlights Matched Sources: It also provides matching result sources and directs you to the actual source of the content.
  • Percentage: After getting the report, it shows the unique and plagiarized content percentage.
  • Deep Search: This best free plagiarism checker has its own deep search algorithm to detect the copyright content.
  • Safe and Secure: This copyright checker is 100% secure and safe to use.

2. Dustball Plagiarism Checker

The dustball plagiarism checker is very easy to use and specially designed to detect copyright content of any document.

Simply copy and paste the document into the checker as:

 The tool is widely used to check the student’s papers or assignments within a single click.

You can also clear all the data from the input box by pressing the ‘Click’ button.

Here, you also have the option to upload an MS Word Document directly from the computer system. 

After checking the content’s plagiarism, you can easily download the Dustball Plagiarism Report and save it on the computer system.

The premium version of the tool is three times faster than that of the normal version.


The copyright checker tool from one text dot com detects the plagiarized content for free.

The efficient algorithm of the tool scans the content and checks plagiarism more accurately.

Simply paste the document into the tool to detects plagiarism as:

The improved algorithm of the online tool allows you to find and correct the Grammatical or Spelling mistakes by using the grammar checker.

This online copyright detector finds the plagiarized content and highlights it accurately and perfectly.

4. Citation Machine Plagiarism Checker

This amazing citation machine copyright detector checks for the unwanted plagiarized content.

It is one of the best all-in-one grammar checker and plagiarism checker tool.

This perfect online tool is used to check every kind of paper by comparing it with billions of online resources.

All you need to do is to paste the document or paper into the input box to detect the copyright content:


  • You have the option to import paper from the computer system.
  • The tool also allows you to upload data directly from Google Drive.
  • Give Suggestions to improve the writing style
  • Checks and corrects the grammar of the paper or document

5. My Assignment Help Copyright Checker

This online copyright detector tool scan documents or files and matches it with different online resources to check plagiarism.

Simply paste the text or drag or drop the document in the input box to check the copied content as:

You can also attach any PDF, Doc, or Docx file from the computer system to track the plagiarized content.

The tool also allows you to upload files from Dropbox or Google Drive to detect plagiarism from the document.

There is an option to download the copyright report of the document and all of your data is 100% secure and safe.

Last Words:

If you really want to create an effective and copyright-free content, use one of the mentioned above online plagiarism checker tools.

Those tools are widely used by many bloggers, content writers, students, and webmasters to publish quality content.

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